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Like it a lot

its good even for just 16... i'll be coming out with more shit so if you want to use em, just let me know. BTW thanks fr using the beat. 9/10 5/5


Blasphem-E responds:

No problem man, I''ll keep checking up on your stuff


I really like the effects you use in the song. It reminds me of a spacey place (I guess the title says it!)... The only thing that I think you could have done was increase the tempo a little bit. It seems like you were trying to make it a relaxed, easy going song, but for techno it comes off as kind of slow.

Overall, I enjoyed it and I think you should keep it up! 5/5 9/10

procow responds:

Then I suppose this song isn't techno then.


This is mixed REALLY well! It's very crisp and clean, and even better than some professional tracks I've heard. Absolutely no bass distortion what so ever, and it's really catchy too! Good job and keep it up.

C-Enterprise responds:

Thanks man ;)
and honestly... i exported this as it is it's not reeeeally mixed that much =D

You are simply the best.

This has got to be the best song I've ever heard on Newgrounds. I love your Glitch skills! I'm trying to create a DnB piece right now and this has given me the inspiration to do it!

I love how you start out with the voices in the beginning - it sounds rather chaotic but beautiful. I am still in the process of learning but I can tell that you definitely know what you are doing when it comes to making music. It is very well structured and it just seems to flow from beginning to end with no rough transitions. Hats off to you my friend.

DJ-NOSEBLEED responds:

Thanks! Thats one of the greatest reviews I've ever recieved. I'll be sure to review and rate some of your stuff mate!


Like a previous poster mentioned, it kind of sounds like the boss fight to end all boss fights - with all kinds of bosses coming out to fight :). It starts out pretty upbeat, but then continues to grow until it turns into just some massively epic piece (especially when you bring the guitar in). Awesome job!

NemesisTheory responds:

I totally dont see a final boss theme in this XD but that's because when I think of a final boss I get a lot of other ideas for that! :P

But still, it's appreciated that you liked it enough! a final boss track is supposed to be really something... the fact some of you guys saw that potential in this one means a lot :)

Thank you!

Let us remember the soldiers

Wow, that was a very touching song. I like the way you kept it changing constantly so it didn't get repetitive. The voices in the middle were a nice touch, and I liked the reverb you added to them. Great job. 5/5, 10/10.

Well Done

I like how it builds and intensifies throughout the whole piece. You stick with the same melody, but it never seems to get boring due to the buildups you use and constant introduction of new instruments. It's really catchy and I love when you bring the bass in at 1:26.

One thing you could do is perhaps bring the drum beat out a little more, because the instruments sort of overpower it. My only complaint, 5/5 9/10. Good Job.

WBolin responds:

ty for the review!
ya know the beat being drowned out is something actually said to me often, I guess i just lean towards subtlety but I'll go ahead and find some way to intensify it

Belongs in a movie!

I downloaded this piece to my iPod Shuffle a few months ago, and hadn't really listened to it since until recently. While I was listening, I was trying to figure out what movie it was from - Batman? No. Spiderman? Don't think so. Flustered, I went home and searched for literally a half hour trying to find the movie title it was from, but I finally realized I got it off of Newgrounds!

Great work! I love how it progresses and how the intensity builds as it goes on. I used to play in an orchestra, and you sure fooled me that I was listening to an actual recorded performance. Each of the instruments just sort of fit into place. So, once again great job and keep up the good work.

Too Repetitive

It's good, but you might want to try to mix it up a bit, like adding some contrasts to the melody instead of slight variations. There is that part at 2:45ish which makes it a little less repetitive, but for the majority it is. Other than that, it sounds good!


I absolutely love this song. It sounds like it could be a part of a movie soundtrack or something. Great job.

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